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Employee Services

Employee Services

A staffing service is only as good as the candidates they place!
People: the most important resource of a business. Without the right people, a business will feel the effects not just in overhead, but the entire atmosphere, and culture as well.

At CenTech Staffing LLC, we understand many of the challenges businesses face in staffing and recruiting exceptional talent. There's a lot of time and work that goes into selecting just the right person to fill a position and we work with you to make that process easier and more efficient. We see ourselves as an extension of your HR department, not just a staffing company, but a partner, vested in helping your company reach goals that can only be accomplished with the right people.

CenTech Staffing LLC is looking for the best people available on behalf of our clients. Top talent is in high demand. That is one reason we do what it takes to build long lasting relationships with our employees by offering a flexible work schedule, good pay and benefits. We'll help you build a profitable career in a field you enjoy. 

Why Work for Us

There are several reasons why so many sought after professionals choose to work with us, including: 

Health, dental and disability insurance

Weekly payroll

Flexible work schedule

Top compensation in your industry

Performance incentives

Job Search

You won't find most of our jobs listed with traditional sources such as newspapers and websites. That's because our clients aren't interested in marketing these positions to the general public. They are looking for qualified candidates with specific training and skills. You could be missing out on the job of a lifetime because you aren't aware of all the opportunities out there. Increase the likelihood of finding a great job in your field by working with us. Check out our current job listings to see all of our available full-time and part time positions. 


CenTech Staffing LLC allows to you to have the flexibility to decide when and how often you work. Our clients are looking for workers to staff full time, part time and temporary positions. You can also choose from among national or local assignments. 
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